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MIMIX – DragonShad

We take the extra mile in designing and producing great action lures with unique look and that doesn’t mean it has to be in the form of “fish”

MIMIX – DragonShad is yet another signature design product that has great realistic look and great swimming action.

Designed to be like “Lizard”, the MIMIX – DragonShad has tight wiggle swimming action that fish will find it hard to resist.

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MIMIX – JitterFrox

he MIMIX – JitterFrox is yet another unique designed topwater lure for any gamefish angerls.  This unique bait produce lout and rhythmic surface-busting sound that make irresistible to any predatory fishes.

Completely designed with full texture of the real frog, the MIMIX – JitterFrox not only look realistic but it is also deadly for any fishes.

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MIMIX - The Original Life-Like Lures

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New MIMIX – Matsu buzzbait has arrived.

July 16th, 2016|Comments Off on New MIMIX – Matsu buzzbait has arrived.

New MIMIX - Matsu has a lot differ- ent with the formal Matsu bait introduced in 2013, this new bait has been tuned up to be a high performance buzzbait! Maintaining the main feature of [...]

New MIMIX – Chado (Responsive Walk-The-Dog) has arrived.

July 8th, 2016|Comments Off on New MIMIX – Chado (Responsive Walk-The-Dog) has arrived.

MIMIX - Chado is yet another unique & responsive walk-the-dog lure. This bait has very distinctive appearance due to its body detailing of a "Giant Snakehead" that commonly found in South-East-Asia countries. Besides the detailing, [...]

New MIMIX – KuraBuzz 2016 is here!

July 5th, 2016|Comments Off on New MIMIX – KuraBuzz 2016 is here!

It took two years for snakehead anglers to accept the MIMIX - KuraBuzz and now this unique buzzbait has been one of our best seller product for Snakehead Game fishing. We are very pleased that [...]

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After our great success with MIMIX – Hopper, we are proud to introduce another great “Jumper” / “Jump Frog” lure which is designed after the Grasshopper.

Unlike any small “jumper” lure that you have ever seen before, the MIMIX – JumpBux is beautifully designed with great detailing and beautifully painted to be as life-like as possible.

This lure is equipped with extra strong & sharp double hook, the “JumpBux” is a truly the break-thru and the ultimate small “Jumper” lure that you have ever tried.

“JumpBux” is introduced & designed for small & big predatory fishes mainly the Snakehead fish that commonly found in south-East-Asia.

MIMIX – Thunder Frox

Unlike any other popper lure that you have ever seen before, The MIMIX Thunder Frox is another unique life-like popper designed with such great realistic details, unique shape and great poppin’ action.

MIMIX Thunder Frox is absolutely a great lure with big poppin’, big splashin’ and big fish catchin’ lure. Its round body shape and deep cupped lip set this lure up for a deep, loud pop and splash with every snap.

Other features include Colorado blade and strong, sharp double hook.

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